First and foremost Howard’s is a pawn shop. That means at Howard’s you can get a friendly, simple loan on items of value. Here’s how it works: You bring in your item and let us know how much you’d like to borrow. If we are able we loan you that amount or make you a fair offer. You leave with the cash a few minutes later and we store your item in a safe place. The loan and related fees are due thirty days from that date. In the meantime you can pick up your item in thirty minutes, thirty days or you have another option. By paying the monthly fees, you can extend the due date of your loan by thirty days and this can be repeated on a monthly basis until you are ready to pick up your item.

Howard’s charges 20% per month which includes interest and storage. As far as we know, our rate is the cheapest in town. On loans of $400 or a higher amount we only charge 10% per month. If you choose to extend your loan on an extended basis, your rate of 20% drops to 12.5% after the fourth month.

At Howard’s we want to help you any way we can to get your item back if that is what you want. You should realize, however that if you change your mind, or your circumstances just don’t allow you to pick up your item – that’s okay. If you want to pick it up but are running behind, give us a call and we’ll discuss what we can work out for you.

Our loans are fast (5-10 minutes on average), simple (one signature and a driver’s license) and friendly (that’s what we are here for).

Things We Take In Pawn*

Gold and Platinum jewelry
Diamond jewelry
Televisions (flat screen only, 2 years or newer)
Other musical instruments
Video game systems (newest generation)
Video games (unscratched in factory case, choice title)
Blu-ray movies (unscratched, in factory case, choice title)
Gas operated yard equipment (seasonal)
Air conditioners (like new, seasonal)
Select power tools (top brands)
High end watches (Rolex, Tag, Omega..)
Gold coins
Utility trailers
Four wheelers
John boats/canoes
Military items
Pressure washers
Home stereo equipment (like new)
Ipads/Ipods (Apple branch)

Things We Don’t Take In Pawn

Microwave ovens
Tires or rims
Sewing Machines
Paintball equipment
Medical equipment
NASCAR items
Car audio equipment
Portable DVD players
Tablets (other than Ipad)
MP3 players (other than Ipod)
Cell Phones
Computers or computer equipment

*All items subject to inspection. No guarantees are implied by this list. If you aren’t sure about your item, you are welcome to bring it in. Phone calls leave us unable to properly evaluate your item. We need to see it to evaluate it fairly.